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Eve Michaels
269 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 1136
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(888) 927-6361

Masters of aesthetics profile:
Eve Michaels

Nationally-recognized author and motivational speaker Eve Michaels is busy making over America, one bad haircut at a time. The inspirational dynamo teaches people life-changing, easy-to-follow skills that quickly transform their image and their attitude about dressing well. "It’s my personal goal to 'Wake Up America’ by bringing back elegance, class and style to this country," says Eve. And we are so glad she is doing it!

Schedule your own image makeover: It's easier than you think! You can reach Eve on her website at, or at her Beverly Hills office: 269 S. Beverly Drive suite 1136, Beverly Hills, California 90212, Telephone: (888) 927-6361.

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An Exclusive Interview with Image Consultant Eve Michaels

We've all heard that it's important to "dress for success," and we've laughed and cried along with makeover contestants on reality show after reality show.

But do makeovers really work? What kind of a difference can an image makeover actually make in someone's every day life?

To find out, we caught up with Beverly Hills makeover and image expert Eve Michaels, author of Dress Code: Ending Fashion Anarchy, and asked her to explain to us the makeover process, and how it works in real life.

MOA: Eve, we're fascinated by the whole idea of an image makeover, and we'd like to know just what it is that you do. How would you describe your job?

EVE: I would say that my work empowers people with the correct expression of their inner and outer beauty. When I work with a client, I use a unique approach to image consulting. It's based in the Law of Attraction, it's goal oriented, and it reflects each clients inner essence. When I work with someone to create a makeover for them, it affects all areas of their lives: both professional and personal.